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Welcome to Fiksate Gallery's Projects, where creativity knows no bounds. Our dynamic portfolio showcases a diverse range of artistic endeavors, reflecting our commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering a vibrant artistic community in Christchurch.

Commercial Mural Installations:
Transforming spaces into immersive works of art, our commercial mural installations breathe life into the urban landscape. From large-scale outdoor murals to unique interior expressions, each project is a testament to the power of visual storytelling.

Exclusive Collaborations with Artists:
We take pride in curating exclusive collaborations with visionary artists. These partnerships result in limited-edition print releases, allowing art enthusiasts to bring a piece of these unique creations into their homes.

Vivid Ground Murals and Interior Installations:
From vibrant ground murals that captivate onlookers to carefully curated interior installations, Fiksate Gallery's projects redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Our commitment to creating immersive environments is reflected in every detail.

Commissioned Artworks and Beyond:
Fiksate Gallery goes beyond conventional art experiences by offering commissioned artworks tailored to individual visions. Whether it's a private collection or a corporate space, our artists bring imagination to life, turning concepts into captivating realities.

Central Christchurch basketball court

Central City Art Court

In Febuaray 2023, Fiksate artist Nathan Ingram installed this epic halfcourt in the heart of the Christchurch CBD in collaboration with Watch This Space and the Christchurch City Council.

207 St Asaph Street, Christchurch.

New Brighton Basketball Courts
by Dr. Suits | 2019

Resident artist Dr. Suits, in collaboration with Scape Public Art, Development Canterbury and Parklife, has installed artwork on a basketball court in New Brighton, Christchurch. 

Akaroa Area School Project

Ōrua Paeroa Mural

The Fiksate team was commissioned to design and coordinate the installation of this mural for the 2020 New Brighton Outdoor Art Festival 2020. It involved members of the community getting involved in to help paint it as part of the festival, using a paint-by-numbers approach where each colour was assigned a number. Ōrua paeroa is the Te Reo name for the New Brighton area which has considerable cultural and historical importance for Ngāi Tahu and Ngāi Tūāhuriri. Ōrua paeroa was known as the place where strong east winds blew in from the sea. The mural presents a fresh new face and welcome to New Brighton and has received much positive feedback.

Mural location:
114 Seaview Rd, New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand

Cosmic Mural

Fiksate resident artist's new mural for the Cosmic retail store adds colour and a point of differnce to their new store in the BNZ centre Christchurch.

For more information on having a mural painted at your location please get in touch to discuss the process involved.

First Thursdays

Fiksate resident artist Dr Suits was invited to take part in Christchurch's third installment of the First Thursdays event titled Paper Scissors Rock 'n' Roll.

This large scale pasteup was installed on the wall of 380 Colombo st, and was inspired by the notorious paper scissors rock game, with a twist of legendary rock icon Bowie. Leading to the conclusion - rock always wins.

Berlin Wall Mural

Street artists around the world have been creating new graffiti for portions of the Berlin wall. Jen and Dr Suits painted this mural for Christchurch's Berlin wall which arrived in the city, covered in non-original graffiti from 2014. The brief was to reflect the peaceful overcoming of boundaries and conventions between societies and people; the hope for a better, humane society and for personal destinies, wishes and dreams. Jen and Dr Suits' abstract representation of a face reflects society’s ability to shift its thought process and think deeply and broadly, to dream of a better world, to break down conventions and move positively. Fiksate Gallery have proudly accepted custodianship from the City Council and envisage that new artworks for the wall will be commissioned periodically.

Mural Location:
210 Cashel Street, Christchurch Central City, New Zealand

Spectrum 2015

Back in 2015, the Fiksate crew created and installed the 'Stick 'em up'room in the internationally acclaimed Spectrum Street Art Festival, Christchurch, NZ. Stickers and paste-up works were sent in from around the globe from a huge range of artists, alongside their own work, were layered on all surfaces and engulfed this entire space.

'Look Again' Campaign

Fiksate resident artist Jenna Ingram completed this installation in November 2016 and was commissioned by the Christchurch City Council for their bicycle safety awareness campaign, titled Look Again.This commission involved painting a backdrop in vivid, hyper-realistic colours and a real human cyclist, his clothing and accessories in 2D, monochromatic colours of black and white. The two elements came together for a morning of shooting, where camera's caught both pedestrian and motorists reactions when the cyclist moved from his location, creating confusion and the instinct to 'look again'. This campaign was inspired by the works of Alexa Meade.