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Fiksate Studio & Gallery, New Zealand's only street art and urban contemporary gallery, is focused on supporting and showcasing the diverse and wonderful world of urban art. We are proud to give street artists and other urban artists a platform to display and sell their work. Check out our range of original artworks, illustration, street art prints, photographic prints, screen prints and more.  


Alongside our own exhibition schedule, Fiksate welcomes proposals for shows, exhibitions and events. The gallery area is adaptable, which means we can reconfigure the space to match your plans in scale and lay-out. We are also happy to provide curation and a range of other services to help you achieve a great show. Drop us a line with your idea and let’s work together to bring it to life!

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Friday October 25th 2019 - Friday November 29th 2019
Opening at 5:00pm

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Chimp - Aliases

Friday August 9th 2019 - Saturday September 7th 2019
Opening at 5:30pm

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We pride ourselves on our adaptability and diverse range of skills, and as such we can provide a number of services outside of the ordinary. From privately commissioned artworks, both inside and outdoors, art installations for events and more, to fashion design and consultation.

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As well as the range of original artworks in our gallery and online store, our in-house artists are happy to discuss private commissions of any scale, subject or style. Please drop us a line to find out more.

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Got an event that you want to make unique and memorable? We’ve got you covered! Fiksate artists can provide installation work to transform venues. Get in touch and let’s take your event to the next level!

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