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Chimp - Social Woes


Opened Friday 5 November 2021

Social Woes is a solo exhibition by Wellington-based urban artist Chimp.
"Social Woes examines the social policing facilitated by the internet. Intensified by the pandemic, inspired by extreme politics overseas, and spread through misinformation on social media, the works suggest a big brother-like weight and paranoia on the individual. Chimp aesthetically captures the feeling of this invisible internal pressure and offers solace that the individual is not alone in these feelings."

We are excited to see Chimp's evolution since his first solo show with Fiksate in 2019. His areas of expertise are in portraiture, abstraction, and bird realism all created using aerosol techniques. We will see several large-scale works as well as print selections with this signature style.

Read an article by Charlie Gates for here.
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