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Fiksate is an urban contemporary art gallery and artist studio space that offers custom framing and printing services in the arts hub of Sydenham, Christchurch. 

Established in 2015, Fiksate grew from an artist studio space into a fully-fledged gallery hosting exciting and unique urban art exhibitions, starting in New Brighton, then the CBD of Christchurch on Gloucester Street, and now in their current location at 54 Hawdon Street, Sydenham.
Since its inception, Fiksate has hosted over 15 exhibitions of successful solo and group shows and continues to showcase and support the work of urban contemporary artists, those who have backgrounds in and take influence from graffiti, street art, post-graffiti and urban art more broadly. There is always something new to view at Fiksate Gallery, including their monthly risograph print releases.

The Fiksate crew are urban artists themselves and are passionate about the culture and supporting local, national and international artists who are currently active in, or have a background in pursuing their creative output in the urban environment. 

Fiksate occupies a unique space in the New Zealand art industry and community being the leading urban art gallery that provides opportunities to artists often marginalised by other entities, and a fresh take for audiences to engage with art and artists from some of the most significant art movements of our time. 

Fiksate also offers services in:

  • Mural design, management and installation.
  • Individualised commissions from our in-house artists or artists we represent.
  • Artwork delivery & hanging services.
  • Custom picture framing
  • Giclee fine art printing

We partner with Art Money to make art more accessible, support artists and a sustainable creative economy. Art Money allows you to enjoy your artwork now and pay over time, whilst we pay are artists immediately. Get Started