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Fiksate is an artist studio and gallery space in the heart of Christchurch.

Established in New Brighton in 2016, Fiksate is focussed on the work of urban contemporary artists, those who have backgrounds in and take influence from graffiti, street art, post-graffiti and urban art more broadly.

The in-house artists range from painters to stencil artists, designers to multi-disciplinary practitioners and writers. Alongside a revolving schedule of exhibitions, Fiksate also hosts workshops and visiting artists.

Fiksate occupies and unique space in the Christchurch art community, providing opportunities to artists often marginalised by other entities, and a fresh take for audiences to engage with art and artists from some of the most significant art movements of our time. 


Meet the Fiksate Artists in Residence:

Artist Bio – Dr. Suits (Nathan Ingram) 

Nathan Ingram, or pseudonymously Dr Suits, is a Christchurch-based artist and designer with backgrounds in fashion and urban art. After gaining attention for a range of post-quake street interventions, his work has been documented in multiple publications and he was a featured artist in the 2015 street art exhibition Spectrum. Ingram continues to shift between spaces and modes of production, exploring diverse processes and materials, from drawing and painting, to printmaking and stitching, revealing an adventurous nature as a maker not beholden to tradition and whose output defies straight-forward categorisation. Although his work spans figuration to abstraction, it is often grounded in graphic qualities of line, colour and texture, and importantly the influence of the urban environment as a space of transient presence and constant physical flux.

Artist Bio – Jen (Jenna Ingram)

Jen has pursued art since she was 15, leading her to a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury. It was here that she began exploring graffiti as part of the urban landscape, despite a certain painting tutor adamant declaration that ‘graffiti was dead’. This love of cityscapes, their multiple layers and the art that adorns them have proven an enduring attraction. It wasn’t until the Christchurch earthquakes however that Jen, along with Dr Suits, moved onto the streets, perhaps most notably producing the iconic ‘Band-Aids’ that soothed broken buildings. While trained in oil painting, her practice extends into a variety of methods and materials, undertaking commissions from portraiture to commercial projects, such as the recent ‘Look Again’ cycle safety campaign which saw her paint both a mural and an actual cyclist. Jen’s distinctive and recurring ‘heads’ are a study of the multi-faceted nature of human emotion – expressions of sadness, joy, stress, anger and other expressions that reflect our lived experiences.   

Artist Bio – Porta (Clint Park)

Porta, a.k.a. Clint Park, loves to cut shapes. He is a stencil artist whose work you probably know, even if you don’t realise it. His work often draws on imagery he finds in old magazines, books and other unlikely sources, exposing a sense of playfulness, absurdity and humour. He often makes small additions or alterations, but other times simply forces the viewer to make sense of the nonsensical (pineapple anyone?). This technique is exacerbated by the context of the street but is still evident on the walls of a gallery through the obvious influence of graffiti and street art displayed in his work conceptually and stylistically. While the spray can is Porta’s primary medium, his work is often executed on a variety of supports, from walls to paper, vinyl, board and found objects, from thrift store paintings to old cabinet doors and discarded signs, a reminder of the opportunities for transformation and re-purposing that exist all around us.

Artist Bio – MK Press (Jane Maloney)

M/K Press Ltd is an independent Risograph printing studio based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We print using a Risograph EZ570A digital duplicator with eight colours. A graphic design service is also available from M/K Press' owner and lead designer Jane Maloney.
Risograph printing is a vibrant and economical method of producing anything from books to artist prints. It sits in a realm somewhere between screen print and photocopy, but at a fraction of the cost. This type of printing is also an extremely adaptable print method, with outcomes ranging from gig posters, exhibition flyers, small publications to even full branding packages. 

Artist Bio – M.F.C Lout (Mr. King)

With an enduring addiction to typewriters, M.F.C Lout is a writer of short stories that captivate and boggle the mind.