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Ghostcat x Rubble City - Spraycan 2 ***SOLD***

Mixed media, 300(h) x 125(w) x 125mm(d)

About the Artwork: These giant spraycans (there are 3 in this series) are located in Central Christchurch and are 'legal walls' that get painted over from time to time by different artists. This giant spray can is recreated in miniature form here with actual tags by Christchurch graffiti artists. In collaboration with Ikarus. 

About the Artist: Mike Beer aka Ghostcat is a Christchurch-based artist creating ‘scratch-build’ miniature objects, buildings, and city fixtures. With a background in carpentry and set design/building at the Court Theatre, Ghostcat has recently taken the leap to focus solely on his passion - making mini things - and the results are absolutely fascinating. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are what sets Ghostcat apart.

Ghostcat's inaugural exhibition at Fiksate, Shadow Town, explores the overlooked, forgotten and often grimy side of our city…. in miniature form, scratch-built to every minute detail.

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Price: 865.00 NZD

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