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levi Hawken - Solv No. 25 - Uranium Glass

Uranium Glass Sculpture,

H:130mm W:130mm D: 60mm, 1/1

About the Artwork: A truly exciting and unique artwork. This glass is uranium glass which shines a bright yellow during the day and glows fluorescent green with a blacklight at night! The Solv No. 25 is an exploration into full-face skateboard helmets and Aero lids as well as inspired by the Egyptian god Horus. 

About the Artist: Levi Hawken (b. 1975, Auckland, New Zealand) began his artistic career as a graffiti artist in Auckland City during the mid-1990s. Although much of his graffiti work is no longer visible, the influences in his more formal paintings remain. Levi's new works embody his concerns with his own artistic demons and a personal backlash against issues encased within the graffiti movement. His artistic practices include painting, drawing, and sculptural work and can now be seen as a keepsake of the art that once was.

Price: 1,090.00 NZD