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Tyler Stent - Like the Worm that she Breathed Through

Watercolour and gouache on canvas.
960mm W x 1200mm H

About the Artwork: We have two absolutely stunning and captivating artworks hanging in our gallery by Tyler Stent, and both are illustrations for a book Tyler is working on with the anthropologist, Sophie-Claire Violette. The book is called Artemisia Vulgaris, after the herb, Mugwort, an important symbol in the book's narrative.  
The story in the book follows the creation and demise of a blind woman who lives underwater, breathing through a symbiotic worm living in her stomach that grows out of her nose and snakes to the surface of the water. Her breath keeps the worm alive, and the worm acts as a snorkel for her. The central idea is to confront the objectification and oppression of women, with a focus on these issues in visual art. 
For each painting, Violette writes an article to accompany it. The articles are then copied onto the paintings by Tyler in order to help steer interpretations of the audience away from objectification.

About the Artist: Tyler Stent (b. 1997) has exhibited his artwork since 2014 in Marlborough, Dunedin, Spain, and London alongside artists in residence stays. 
His public artwork gained notoriety through his mural of Ed Sheran in Dunedin when the musician played there. His most recent mural is located at Dunedin airport and features Kuao Langsbury ONZM and HRH Prince Charles at the Royal Albatross Colony at Pukekura, Otago Peninsula 6th March 2005. His approach to outdoor murals is similar to his studio works by using watercolour as his main material. This poses challenges, as rain and watercolours don't bode well together, so Tyler uses a specific primer for the watercolour to adhere to, then a heavy varnish to ensure it's protection from the elements.

Price: 4,500.00 NZD