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Tyler K. Stent & Sophie C. Violette -'Windigo Appetite'risoF

Risograph print on Fabriano 200gsm paper with hand-drawn signature in double Posca pen, 420 x 297mm (A3) Framed.

Individually signed and numbered by the artist. Limited edition of 40 prints.

An M/K Press x Fiksate exclusive artist collaboration! These limited edition risograph prints are released monthly and feature collaborations with New Zealand’s finest Urban Artists. Read more here.

About the Artwork: Windigo Appetite
As described by Robin Wall Kimmerer, the Windigo is a legendary monster of her Anishinaabe people. When Tyler read Kimmerer's book, Braiding Sweetgrass, he was struck by her story of the Windigo and what it represents to her culture. According to Kimmerer a Windigo is created when an individual's indulgent self-interest compromises the well-being of the greater community. The guilty individual, whose selfishness and greed put everybody at risk would be an outcast - doomed never to enter the spirit world and to suffer 'the eternal pain of need, its essence a hunger that will never be sated'. In times of great hunger, this tale 'reinforced the taboo against cannibalism.'

Kimmerer notes that the 'indulgent self-interest that (her) people once held to be monstrous is now celebrated as a success.' For Tyler, as he was reading Kimmerer's words, he was shocked at the realisation that many of his role models and the values he'd worked hard to ingrain into his ethics were akin to the Windigo. Particularly Windigo's insatiable appetite - the notion that enough is never enough - was a mode in himself that Tyler used frequently to feed his ambition.

After a panic attack in the bathtub - for Tyler recognised himself as a Windigo - he got to work with Cultural Anthropologist, Sophie-Claire Violette in processing and producing their new piece Windigo Appetitewhich is part of their impact-driven series, Artemisia Vulgaris: Confronting Objectification.

Price: 150.00 NZD