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Tom Gerrard - Pea Heads

Watercolour and ink, 315 x 440mm, framed

Tom Gerrard’s art career started in the mid-nineties, when his art could be found on the streets of Melbourne. These days, he’s known globally for painting simplified characters, architecture and nature using a minimal colour palette, all inspired by the people he’s seen and the places he’s been. Tom’s gallery work is an evolution of style and technique learned painting on the streets. He has fused this style with acrylic paints, water colours and any other materials that he can find in his studio.

After travelling around the world, Tom returned to Melbourne in 2016. Since then he has placed his artistic focus exclusively on Australian life, suburban culture and his natural surroundings. Reflecting his work as a graphic designer for thirteen years, his subjects are stripped back with simple shape and line work and a minimal palette. Tom paints murals at large art festivals across the country, exhibits in prestigious galleries and collaborates with some of the country’s biggest names in contemporary art.


Price: 650.00 NZD