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Sader - Scooby Dumb

Aerosol and marker pen on reclaimed sign, 650 x 975mm

About the Artwork: Featuring spraypainted elements and images from popular culture. Sader's signwriting background is reflected in the use of reclaimed signs as the 'canvas' for these works with the original holes from fixings.

About the Artist: Sader is a British street artist known for his innovative and colourful designs. Born in ’92, and inspired by the London graffiti scene, Sader has travelled, collaborated and spray-painted his way around the world. 

Now based in Christchurch, Sader has previously worked with Councils, businesses and youth groups to create stand-out designs that never fail to grab attention.  
Aside from charity auctions and private commissions, this is the first time his art has been publicly available to purchase. 

Price: 850.00 NZD