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Reign - Aotearoa

Original marker pen & aerosol on MDF board, 595mm X 320mm H,  Framed. 


About the Artwork: Immaculate in its execution, this graffiti lettering piece by local artist Reign, is truly outstanding. The 'Aotearoa' word is beautifully balanced with multiple details and a balanced colour palette. The linework, penmanship and fills are faultless. This is a very exciting first artwork from Reign into Fiksate Gallery and we're looking forward to what comes in the future! 

About the Artist: Reign has a background in graffiti and is a local artist from Christchurch. Pursuing a different path and life journey, his focus and dedication to the craft have come through in studio-made works. His expertise in lettering, level of focus and perfectionism in the execution is evident in his work. 

Price: 850.00 NZD