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Porta - Yokels only, Green

Stencilled spraypaint on paper,  250 x 355mm

Porta, a.k.a. Clint Park, loves to cut shapes. He is a stencil artist whose work you probably know, even if you don’t realise it. His work often draws on imagery he finds in old magazines, books and other unlikely sources, exposing a sense of playfulness, absurdity and humour. He often makes small additions or alterations, but other times simply forces the viewer to make sense of the nonsensical (pineapple anyone?). This technique is exacerbated by the context of the street but is still evident on the walls of a gallery through the obvious influence of graffiti and street art displayed in his work conceptually and stylistically. While the spray can is Porta’s primary medium, his work is often executed on a variety of supports, from walls to paper, vinyl, board and found objects, from thrift store paintings to old cabinet doors and discarded signs, a reminder of the opportunities for transformation and re-purposing that exist all around us.


Price: 120.00 NZD