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Perspective Zine

Risograph printed zine (A5)

This zine forms part of our Perspective - Women in Urban Art exhbition and contains interviews with fifteen artists about their creative practice as well as the effect of gender on their work.

Perspective explores the experiences of a group of female urban artists, each traveling distinct paths as women within the wide scope of graffiti and street art, fields traditionally considered predominantly masculine. They defy catagorisation, however, as the artists presented in Perspective share many similarities, but as many, if not more, differences. The show’s title was chosen to reflect the myriad experiences and views each artist brings to Perspective, in their work, their personal stories and their trajectories as creatives and human beings. 

Excerpts from the Perspective Zine:

“Art has been a way to give a physical form to my thoughts and emotions. I am constantly questioning the idea of good and bad and the rules and institutions we give ourselves as a society.” - Befaany

“I love creating unapologetically sexy and powerful art.” - Bexie Lady

“Gender is intrinsically part of anyone’s identity and influences how they view the world around them... I’ve had a niggling little voice at the back of my mind – would people viewing my art guess I’m female?  Does that detract from my art?  Does it add to it?... Does this even matter?” - Cape of Storms

“It was always important to us to go after our dreams and passions because as parents this is what we hope for our own children and modelling that has been a value for us both.” - Diva

“My philosophy was to keep my fingers in as many pies as possible and to avoid being pigeonholed into one particular artist type, because I wanted to do it all.” - Flox

“I certainly have felt that I will be defined by others if I say I'm a female artist, so I've purposefully left that ambiguous whenever I can. That has changed over the last ten years though. I've especially thought that if I mention that I'm a mother that people will take me less seriously.” - Greta Menzies





Price: 5.00 NZD