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Nense - Hedgehog Dilemma II

Oil paint on board, float mounted in white frame with Conservation Clear glass by Fiksate Framing.
340MM x 340mm H

About the Artwork: This is a beautiful original artwork by Chilean artist Nense. The intimate view of a couple is striking in composition and in a seductive colour palette of purples and pinks. The identities are hidden, but we can gauge their relationship and details like tattoos. 

About the Artist: Martín Gómez (September 1993), better known under the pseudonym "Nense Tango" in the graffiti and street art scene. He began his art and graffiti journey in 2005, in Santiago de Chile. Over the years, his interest in finding new pictorial answers, in conjunction with his academic studies, separated him from the traditional graffiti aesthetic and got him involved with the vanguard Street art movements. But without replacing the format that forged him, being considered today as part of the new wave of contemporary muralists.
His work lies between traditional painting and contemporary street art, responding to themes that speak from nature and the human condition as a philosophical phenomenon to the prediction and temporal projection of the different states in which current society travels.

Price: 1,430.00 NZD