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Joel Hart - Double Take

Original mixed media on box frame board lined with canvas. 
1600mm W X 1200mm

About the Artwork: In a technicolored dream, the main elements of this large Joel Hart painting are in grayscale, making the pops of rainbow fluorescent tones stand out from pockets or details behind. There is an incredible layering of details in techniques Hart is known for - stenciling, screenprinting, and using a mix of aerosol and acrylic paint. The main focal point of the female gaze is strong but the eye travels around the canvas to the many areas of interest, some are quite hidden and come forward through closer inspection. Our favourite part is the use of holographic paper in the top right! This is a stunning and unique Joel Hart piece. 

About the Artist: Joel is a Christchurch artist and designer who has gained prominence for both his studio and mural work. Combining elements of stencil processes and screen printing, his graphic works often reveal themes such as beauty, mortality and decay, all filtered through sophisticated use of technique, colour and balance that reflect his design background and imbue his work with an undeniable attraction. 

Price: 5,000.00 NZD