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Jessie Rawcliffe - Variation of a Theme 4

Acrylic on board, varnished and framed in a custom painted frame with UV70 Glass.

535mm W x 540mm H

About the artwork:  Presenting a stunning artwork crafted by the exceptionally talented artist Jessie Rawcliffe. Rawcliffe employs her distinctive technique of employing directional brushstrokes, resulting in a remarkable level of realism that seamlessly juxtaposes with the pristine expanse of white space defining the hair. Further enhancing the composition are the gently blended hues of pink adorning the chest and neck regions. The artwork masterfully combines abstract and surreal portraiture, achieving a delicate yet ominous ambiance. This duality is evident in the artwork's ability to evoke both tranquility and darkness. The woman depicted exudes a sense of serenity and inner strength, which is further intensified by her direct and engaging gaze, capturing the viewer's attention.

About the Artist: Jessie Rawcliffe is a multidisciplinary artist and designer located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Employing frustrating care for pedantic detail paired with surreal omissions replaced with negative space, her growing body of work is a continual exploration into the roles of the subject and the viewer in figurative painting. Working as a designer and illustrator has allowed her to produce and collaborate on projects that exist in the public realm, however it is only recently she has had the opportunity for her art practice to do so also.

Price: 3,200.00 NZD