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Jessie Rawcliffe - Dissolve II

Oil on laser cut wood, 415 x 400mm

About the Artwork:  With the incredible fine brushwork that Jessie is known for, this portrait comes to life as it hovers on the wall, the eyes of the woman following you as you look at her. The artwork sits forward of the wall by about 25mm, causing the shadows to add another dimension to the work.

About the Artist: Jessie Rawcliffe is a multidisciplinary artist and designer located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Employing frustrating care for pedantic detail paired with surreal omissions replaced with negative space, her growing body of work is a continual exploration into the roles of the subject and the viewer in figurative painting. Working as a designer and illustrator has allowed her to produce and collaborate on projects that exist in the public realm, however it is only recently she has had the opportunity for her art practice to do so also.

Price: 1,000.00 NZD