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Jen Heads - Within Nature

Original gouache painting on Arches watercolour 300gsm paper, framed in matboard by Fiksate Framing.  
510mm W x 510mm H 


About the Artwork: Jen Heads exploration into portraiture and identity through her iconic character is ever-evolving. 'Within Nature' creates interweaving leaves and vines connecting to the lines of the head while also surrounding it. There is an overall art nouveau feel, like the head is part of an old manuscript. 'Within Nature' questions our own individual part within nature and whether we are more connected than we realise. 

About the Artist:  Jenna Ingram is a multi-faceted artist and completed a BFA majoring in painting at Canterbury University in 2007. Her love for street art and graffiti was evident throughout her studies, but it wasn't until after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes she began to put passion into practice. Since pursuing urban art as a creative outlet, she founded Fiksate Gallery with her now-husband Nathan Ingram and together they showcase and support NZ's leading urban artists. 

Price: 1,100.00 NZD