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Ghostcat X Bols - Size Doesn't Matter -T.P *FUNDRAISER*

*** All proceeds of this artwork are going towards the Boosted NZ fundraising campaign for 'Ghosts on Every Corner' ***

Original aerosol stencil and scratch-built miniature, 297mm X 420mm H (A3)  unframed


About the Artwork: Combining powers, local artists BOLS and Ghostcat have created a humorous take on the miniature work that Ghostcat creates! Size doesn't matter when the details are so spot on! Handcut stencilled lettering and a singular miniature toilet paper roll make this work very unique! 

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About the Artists: 

BOLS is a Christchurch based artist whose work explores the non-figurative, nonrepresentational potential of stencil art. Inspired by graffiti, post-graffiti, urban space (both physically and conceptually) and various popular and artistic histories, his abstract work eschews the established mechanical image-making process of stencilling in favour of dense spatial constructions that are essentially sketches built from a range of stencil-based mark-making techniques. The effect is something like a microscopic close up of an aerosol laden concrete wall, not created with a final product in mind, but the result of chance and instinct. 

Mike Beer aka Ghostcat is a Christchurch-based artist creating ‘scratch-build’ miniature objects, buildings, and city fixtures. With a background in carpentry and set design/building at the Court Theatre, Ghostcat has recently taken the leap to focus solely on his passion - making mini things - and the results are absolutely fascinating. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are what sets Ghostcat apart. 

About the Fundraising Campaign:  'Ghosts on Every Corner' is a special project to celebrate and remember the iconic places of pre-earthquake Christchurch. Ghostcat/Mike Beer will re-create 30 iconic businesses that used to exist in pre-earthquake Christchurch and scratch-build part of that building; this could be a sign, a door, or a facade. These miniature artworks will be installed in their original locations around Christchurch for everyone to find and enjoy, like a memory treasure hunt! Alongside art writer Dr. Reuben Woods and us here at Fiksate, we will publish a book of these artworks throughout Christchurch City and include the history and stories these places held. 'Ghosts on Every Corner' will be a memory treasure hunt, a book, and finally an epic exhibition of these builds and book launch.


Price: 300.00 NZD