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Dr. Suits - Borrowed Time

Aerosol on 6mm thick glass, framed.
465mm X 465mm H.

About the Artwork: This artwork has a thick, 6mm glass which creates shadow within the stenciled shape, the 'squiggle', which Dr. Suits is known for. A thicker frame was needed to support the weight of the glass, and the matte black frame and frontage of this artwork makes the violet tones in the background pop! This is a very unique piece with very interesting and organic movements in behind the matte front. 

About the Artist: Nathan Ingram, or pseudonymously Dr Suits, is a Christchurch-based artist and designer with backgrounds in fashion and urban art. After gaining attention for a range of street interventions across post-quake Christchurch, Ingram’s profile has continued to grow. Ingram shifts between various surfaces and modes of production, exploring diverse processes and materials. This diversity reveals an adventurous nature as a maker not beholden to tradition and an output that defies straight-forward categorisation. His work is often grounded in graphic qualities of line, colour and texture, and importantly the influence of the urban environment as a space of transient presence and constant physical flux. His most recent work is fixated on process, the outcomes of repetition and chance, and the ability to translate his creative approaches to various spaces and media, from repurposed architectural forms to increasingly larger outdoor walls.

Price: 950.00 NZD