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Askew One & Jasmine Gonzalez - Continuum 2

Acrylic, spray paint, UV pigment, clear gel medium on canvas

103.4cm x 103.4cm Framed

About the Artwork: This body is the first collaborative work created by married couple Jasmine Gonzalez and Elliot 'Askew' O'Donnell. It comes in the wake of an incredibly disruptive year during the global pandemic and is based on a philosophical outlook they developed as a coping mechanism. Appreciating that nothing happens in a vacuum and everything is part of a larger continuum. During the pandemic, Jasmine who comes from a fashion design background turned her interests back to photography. Elliot comes from a graffiti and large-scale muralism background but has also maintained a consistent studio practice over the last decade. These works are a fusion of analogue and digital techniques and a highly collaborative, process-driven approach. They also worked with Elliot's mother Meghan Humphries (florist) and Jahra Wasasala (artist and poet) in the creation of these 8 pieces.

About the Artist: Jasminie Gonzalez was born in San Jose, California in 1985 and is Mexican American. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Apparel Design and Master of Fine Arts in Knitwear from the Academy Of Art University, San Francisco. With 7 years experience working for a range of leading brands in Los Angeles and New York Jasmine began exploring her personal photographic work in 2018, ramping it up in 2020 during the pandemic. She has also assisted her husband on large-scale mural work in the US, China and New Zealand.

About the Artist: Elliot O’Donnell (Askew One) is one of New Zealand's most successful street artists on the international stage. Hailing from Auckland, Askew One now travels, paints and exhibits in many cities around the world. From his roots in the graffiti scene during the 90's, Elliot now has a busy studio practice alongside his street based murals. 

Price: 5,600.00 NZD