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TOGO - It Takes One To Know One

Archival print on 310gsm Ilford Photorag,  594 mm x 420 mm (unframed)

"The combination of being free, but also insanely vulnerable, is a fantastic combination. When you are willing to be vulnerable, that’s courageous." Photo taken while painting in an abandoned outdoor theatre. Phuket, Thailand, 12:00am.

TOGO is a graffiti artist who has garnered an extensive reputation for his defiant acts of vandalism. After writing his name for over a decade, TOGO now looks to challenge the aesthetic rules of graffiti by further developing the abstract within his artworks. Dismayed by the stagnation of graffiti, TOGO is determined to advance the culture by creating a visual statement against any “rules” while staying openly true to his individual identity. The following photographs expose TOGO’s process as he leaves behind the accepted rules of vandalism to create an illicit series of works about breaking the principle that graffiti even has to portray a name. 

Price: 350.00 NZD