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Mirella Moschella - Suiking

Digital print, 445mm x 330mm (framed)

About the Artist: Mire is a Videographer and artist from Lima,  Peru who created the project Mira_a_Mire in 2010, documenting street art, music actions on urban spaces, performances, protests, graffiti, and murals. Her work follows the artists, their processes, and the community they interact with, but also the underground of the graffiti movement. She has contributed actively to the local scene in South America, participating in international street art festivals such as CIMU (Mexico), Latido Americano (Peru- Paraguay), Wynwood Walls (Miami) Ñatinta (Bolivia) Street Prints (New Zealand).  She also produced and curated related events and exhibitions in her country and supported institutions such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Lima. In October 2019 she moved to Wellington and since then she has been involved in different street art and community projects.  Currently, she is the artist in residence at the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre in where she is working developing a new art form combining her street art pictures with fabric and embroidery, working with art projects and community.


Price: 385.00 NZD