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Joel Hart - Doubled Edge Blade - Print

'Double Edge Blade' is a limited-edition print of 20.  

Size: 493mm W x 742mm H - Unframed

About the Artwork: This print is a stunning example of Joel Hart's newest creative output that includes double exposure. Alongside a portrait of a women are two running horses that create movement and tension within the boarder, in light pink, grey and dark grey tones. 

About the Artist: Joel is a Christchurch artist and designer who has gained prominence for both his studio and mural work. Combining elements of stencil processes and screen printing, his graphic works often reveal themes such as beauty, mortality and decay, all filtered through sophisticated use of technique, colour and balance that reflect his design background and imbue his work with an undeniable attraction. His recent work has explored various surfaces that add reflective and layered qualities to his compositions.


Price: 425.00 NZD