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Voxx Romana - Goddess of Roses V4

"Goddess of Roses - V4"

Original spraypaint stencil artwork on NYC Subway Map, 558mm W X 685mm H - Unframed

About this Artwork: A captivating portrait of a mysterious woman in full veil and flower crown on top of the stencilled map background. Hand-cut, multi-layered stencil sprayed to perfection in true Voxx Romana style. His work is prolific in the urban environment, and with this image, he combines the urban environment with his studio practice.

About the Artist: Artist, activist, and counter culture adhesive addict Voxx Romana has been spreading his Einstein Icon and the moniker Voxx Romana through street art since 2007. Based out of Portland, he has become internationally recognized through his use of powerful images and the large quantity of subversive street art he has put up across North America and Europe. The art of Voxx Romana can be described as punk, glam, elegant pop art, with an experimental and devilishly precise vintage anti-hero feel.

Voxx Romana takes its name from the Latin phrase meaning “The Voice of Rome”… the Vatican, the Voice of Authority, etc… He uses it like an underground stripper’s pseudonym, representing the voice of discontent in a corrupt society. With an affinity for reclaiming old objects, his work on antique topographical maps and foreign currency regenerates new life into otherwise forgotten items. Not limited in any tools or mediums Voxx continues growing and evolving as an artist. Street art is an important form of expression to him because it gives his images the power to speak for themselves, wordlessly impacting lives and promoting thought or change within the world. You could say that’s his mission, his voice, his inspiration. Voxx will continue working to promote activism and awareness of global problems through street art.

Price: 545.00 NZD