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Sean Crawford - Jab

Powdercoated steel, 190h x 67dia mm 

About the Artwork: This laser cut and extruded steel spraycan featuring syringes, forms part of a series of spraycans paying homage to graffiti art. Embodying the act of social and anti-social expression, the spraycan becomes a tool to subvert narrative, as well as the expression of graffiti art as a valid component of the contemporary art form. No longer containing their liquid contents, the cans are discarded, marking the 'scene of the crime'. Expelled of its colourful mischief - the spent can remains a potent symbol of the act of subversive art. 

About the Artist: Sean Crawford is a successful New Zealand sculptor. Originally Wellington based but now living in the rural Wairarapa, his works are found, and sought after, both nationally and overseas. Crawford uses a range of materials - from laser-cut steel to taxidermy, and is known for a multi-layered approach to his art, which includes a strong affinity with narrative. Highlights of Crawford's career to date include the 2015 commission 'Waiting for Hammond', a two-metre-tall huia bird sculpture set on a headland
overlooking the Irish Sea, and a commision located outside the NZ embassy in Washington D.C. entitled ‘The Cloak of Remembrance’, made of laser cut, powder coated red poppies.

Price: 890.00 NZD