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Jacob Yikes - Large Study 2

Mixed media on paper, 570 x 355mm 

Jacob Yikes, born Jacob Ryan, is a multi-disciplined artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand. His extensive background in graffiti and street based, work often very large scale, has earned him the position of one of the country’s most sought after and active artists. Having headlined many festivals including Rise, Spectrum and Paradox, he was also one of the organisers behind ‘From the Ground Up’, which was the first locally funded festival in Christchurch after the earthquakes.

While Jacob’s presence is heavy on the streets, his series of surreal fine art work is coming into a life of its own. Still influenced by the exterior work, his large-scale illustrations and paintings on paper show a more in depth side to artist and how his mind works. 
With the use of bizarre characters and surrealistic scenery, Yikes’s work can be viewed as a look into the artist himself more often than not. He is somewhat redefining the idea of a self-portrait as he often refers to his paintings as an extension of himself, using symbolic ideas and imagery referring to his past, present and future painted in portrait format. 

Price: 1,550.00 NZD