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Ghostcat - Danger Live Cables

Plaster, paint, resin and stickers, 85(h) x 70(w) x 45mm(d)

Open edition. *Please note each one varies with different stickers and tags as they're individually crafted and adorned*

About the Artwork: Miniature plaster cast sculpture of a typical power box on the city streets featuring miniature replicas of actual stickers, tags and stencils by local Christchurch urban artists. 

About the Artist: Mike Beer aka Ghostcat is a Christchurch-based artist creating ‘scratch-build’ miniature objects, buildings, and city fixtures. With a background in carpentry and set design/building at the Court Theatre, Ghostcat has recently taken the leap to focus solely on his passion - making mini things - and the results are absolutely fascinating. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are what sets Ghostcat apart and he has a solo exhibition with Fiksate Gallery coming up in April 2021.

Follow Ghostcat on instagram @ghostcat_mb


Price: 80.00 NZD