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Cinzah - M/K Press x Fiksate (framed) 'Citrine Serpentine'

Risograph print on Fabriano 200gsm paper,  420 x 297mm (A3) + frame

Individually signed and numbered by the artist. Limited edition of 20 prints.

An M/K Press x Fiksate exclusive artist collaboration! These limited edition risograph prints are released monthly and feature collaborations with New Zealand’s finest Urban Artists. Read more here.

About the Artwork: 'Citrine Serpentine’ is part of an ongoing body of work called ‘Future Ancients’ , the work plays with ideas of mythical creatures, guides and spirits, many of which have visited me during dreams and popped into my imagination space during meditation. The serpent is honoured in many cultures and can represent creation as well as destruction. As this years been a turbulent one for so many, it felt good to put something out there that can represent new beginnings, time to tear down old ways, and rebuild and move forward.

About the Artist: Cinzah is a New Zealand based multidisciplinary artist, event producer, curator and father of two, based out of Napier, Hawkes Bay. Cinzah paints from and for his environment, often expressing his views about pressing environmental issues, with a strong sense of colour, movement and balance. His work also explores themes such as the interrelationship between man and nature, duality, mythology and storytelling. Cinzah has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand, also showing work in group shows, festivals and mural productions in Australia, Mexico, North America, Canada, Japan, South East Asia, Indonesia, Estonia and the Caribbean.

Price: 100.00 NZD