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Jacob Yikes - Death Came to Dinner *SOLD*

Original acrylic, metallic pigment and aerosol on board. 620 x 832mm H. (Framed)
About the Artwork: Death Came to Dinner stands out from the rest of Jacob Yikes's body of work in his solo exhibition Even in Darkness, through the use of a darker colour palette and the central, striking realism of a black raven. Symbolic of death, the raven is treated in a metallic green pigment which reveals itself at different angles of viewing, always changing. This artwork is representative of a deep, spiritual and life-changing journey the artist went through and part of this was the death of "the ego". 
What feels like a sporadic and organic composition explodes with mini pops of materials like metallic dust and aerosol throughout the artwork. The spindly hand holding a pin grows from the layers of darkened strips, each a different colour and treatment, with solid black being the furthest down. This acts as a ground from which many mushroom motifs are spawned. Faces, moons, skulls, a house, and organic shapes appear then fade into each other. The beam of light from the raven's head to the top of the artwork could be the notion that in death, there is light and even possibly, a new beginning. 
About the Artist: 
Jacob Yikes (Jacob Ryan, born 1987), is a multi-disciplinary artist from Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand. From his roots in graffiti as a teenager, Yikes has earned a position as one of the country’s most prolific and respected urban artists. After joining the renowned DTR Crew in 2014, his profile and output expanded and his ever-evolving and distinctive style has seen him headline an array of street art festivals across Aotearoa, including Rise, Spectrum, Paradox and South Sea Spray.

Developing a focus on his fine art and studio-based works, Yikes completed his Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts in 2010 and has been exhibiting in gallery settings since. His unique style and technical skill have seen him complete commercial campaigns with Cadbury, Parrot Dog Brewery and Fiasco Brewing, as well as collaborations with musicians Tom Scott and Mellowdowns.  His work has even extended to hospitality fit-outs, creating special effects in the interiors of several popular restaurants, such as Mexico in Christchurch. 

His ability to adapt his style to various subjects has given Jacob access to private commissions, from small-scale studio works to massive walls, both private and public. Commissions with the DTR Crew and OiYOU! Street Art includes Jacob’s largest wall yet, the tribute to iconic physicist Earnest Rutherford on the Hutchinson Ford Building in central Christchurch (2022). 

Price: 3,500.00 NZD

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