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Jacob Yikes - Where's Spook

JacobYikes is a painter/illustrator based in Christchurch. He has a heavy presence in the street art scene and has been a part of numerous festivals over the past 6 years. As well as constantly producing works outdoors he also works with multiple mediums on large paper in his studio. These works are often more of a personal approach depicting events in his life from childhood up until present done with a combination of materials and various approaches to line and composition mixed with a warped sense of reality at times allowing a freestyle approach that seems to be necessary to achieve an element of self in the paintings, not always represented by recognizable features. This body of work is a response to a recent health complication and speaks on issues that are somewhat related to his last body of  work “Am I confused“. The works look into the mind state over a period of 2 months.

Mixed media on paper - 305mm H x 375mm W - Framed

Price: $1,250.00