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Component - Tide of Awareness

800mm H x 800mm W

Spray paint on canvas

About the artwork:  This artwork delves into the theme of resilience and hope in the face of the challenging circumstances brought about by climate change. The focal point of the composition revolves around two children, their gazes directed skyward, emanating an aura of steadfast optimism. However, what truly mesmerizes the viewer is the water steadily rising, reaching up to their knees. This potent visual metaphor of the advancing tide symbolizes the trials and uncertainties that frequently arise in life. Yet, through their unyielding hope, the children embody the unconquerable human spirit, serving as a source of inspiration for onlookers to persevere in the midst of adversity.

About the Artist: Component is a well-known Auckland-based stencil artist who has been active in the New Zealand art scene for over two decades. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of stencil art in New Zealand and has gained international recognition for his unique style and approach to the medium.

Price: 4,800.00 NZD