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Component - Desensitized to the State of the War *SOLD*

*This artwork is SOLD*

1180mm W x 870mm H
Spray paint stencil on reclaimed tin roof panel.

About the artwork:  "Desensitized to the State of War" exemplifies the artist's skillful fusion of technique and concept, as they ingeniously repurpose an old tin roof section from the family farm in Northland, salvaged from an old farm food safe. This transformation yields a haunting reflection on the profound impact of war on innocent lives. Employing meticulous stencil technique, the artwork portrays children within a war-ravaged environment, their visages bearing a poignant sense of detachment and desensitization. The juxtaposition between the weathered tin and the vibrant imagery generates a striking contrast, emphasizing the enduring scars inflicted upon society. This evocative masterpiece compels viewers to confront the far-reaching consequences of conflict and to question society's desensitization to its inherent brutality.

About the Artist: Component is an accomplished independent artist with over 20 years of experience. Throughout this time, he has actively engaged in the exploration and redefinition of artistic boundaries, both personally and professionally.

Having honed his skills through self-training, Component excels at challenging established norms by drawing inspiration from his own observations of life, politics, and the intricacies of the human experience. As one of the founding members of Cut Collective, Component initially focused on creating large-scale collaborative artworks that were characterized by their speed, enjoyment, and imaginative qualities.

Like many individuals worldwide, Component has utilized the pandemic period to reflect upon his creative contributions to the world. This introspection has led him to create more personal artworks that genuinely express his intended messages. Whether infused with humor, satire, or bold provocations, Component recognizes the privilege of being an artist and the significance of his creations in adorning the personal spaces of others.

In recent times, Component has primarily collaborated with fellow artists on community projects and has embraced a fluid approach to his painted works. These endeavors prioritize the artistic process over rigid prescriptions, allowing for a more organic and dynamic creation.

Price: 6,950.00 NZD

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