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Chimp - Nostalgia (Rose Tint)

Acrylic and aerosol on box frame board with a second smaller box frame board.

Large Painting: 1200 W x 1220 H x 70mm D / Beneath Painting: 1200 W x 120 H x 70MM D (52mm gap between).

About the Artwork: Playing on the idea of longing for the unachievable past golden days, Nostalgia features the extinct Huia. Layers of texture blend to realistic feathers and graphic shapes juxtaposing the digital world with the organic Huia. Which the internet encourages through digital memories and cloud photos.  

About the Artist: CHIMP is a Wellington-based artist with many murals to his name across New Zealand. In Christchurch, his work can be found on the Justice and Emergency Services precinct. CHIMP first started painting skateboards at a young age, moving to large artworks on the streets and then to solo exhibitions. More recently, he completed a three-month artist residency with Street Artist in Residence in California, USA, painted a large mural for Street Prints Papaioea 2020, and traveled to Melbourne, Australia for Can’t Do Tomorrow - urban art festival.

Price: 5,200.00 NZD