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Jessie Rawcliffe & Dr Suits - Between Self & The World PRINT

Giclee Print on 260gsm Velvet Fine Art Paper. 
420mm W x 594mm H (a2)
Signed, stamped, and numbered limited-edition of 30 prints. 

*Pictured is our framed option which is matboard in a white or black frame and is an additional $335 ($635 total).
Please leave a comment in the checkout if you would like this option and we will be in touch with you. If you are choosing this option, please select the Click and Collect option when you get to the checkout as shipping will be different from the unframed option and will be calculated once the artwork is framed and ready to ship to your location.

About the artwork: The title artwork for ARCHETYPES, 'Between Self & The World' has a near photo-realism in the portrait, while still being completely contrasting in colour tones of bright pinks and purples and detailed in the signature Rawcliffe directional application. The bright and flat white of Dr. Suits 'squiggle' sits on the surface, creating a contrast of viewing through to someone, or vice versa. 

About the Artist: Jessie Rawcliffe is a multidisciplinary artist and designer located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Employing frustrating care for pedantic detail paired with surreal omissions replaced with negative space, her growing body of work is a continual exploration into the roles of the subject and the viewer in figurative painting. Working as a designer and illustrator has allowed her to produce and collaborate on projects that exist in the public realm, however it is only recently she has had the opportunity for her art practice to do so also.

Nathan Ingram, or pseudonymously Dr Suits, is an Ōtautahi-based artist and designer with backgrounds in fashion and urban art. Ingram’s current work is grounded in the qualities of line, colour, surface and texture, juxtaposing the influence of the urban environment as a space of transient presence and constant physical flux with the calm repose of the studio. Varying in scale, and at times spanning framed surfaces, Ingram’s paintings grapple with the balance of order and chaos, a sense of poise often masking more energetic or physical exertions.
Ingram’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around Aotearoa and overseas, including the permanent collection of the Canterbury Museum. His public works span various cities and he has been included in festivals such as Taupo’s Graffiato (2021), Ōtautahi’s Spectrum (2015), and Flare (2022).

Price: 300.00 NZD