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As well as the range of original artworks in our gallery and online store, our in-house artists are happy to discuss private commisions of any scale, subject or style. Please drop us a line to find out more.


Back in 2015, the Fiksate crew created and installed the 'Stick 'em up' room in the internationally acclaimed Spectrum Street Art Festival, Christchurch, NZ. Stickers and paste-up works were sent in from around the globe from a huge range of artists, alongside their own work, were layered on all surfaces and engulfed this entire space.

Dr Suits, Carnaby Lane Festival

Fiksate resedent artist Nathan Ingram (Dr Suits)was invited to paint a mural as part of the Carnaby Lane festival 2017. "I was aiming to translate the direction of my printmaking and mixed media work onto a wall by using similar methods of masking and etching away at the surface with cloths and brushes. The direction of my work changes a lot but, i often find myself working to graphic styles, bold colours, contrasting textures, and abstract forms".

First Thursdays

Fiksate resident artist Dr Suits was invited to take part in Christchurch's third installment of the First Thursdays event titled Paper Scissors Rock 'n' Roll.

This large scale pasteup was installed on the wall of 380 Colombo st, and was inspired by the notorious paper scissors rock game, with a twist of legendary rock icon Bowie. Leading to the conclusion - rock always wins.

Heads together

Heads Together is a collective dedicated to providing a platform for inspiring electronic musicians to express themselves wholeheartedly, without barriers or control.

Fiksate were invited to install a set design to highten the senses and create an uplifting experience for both the audience and the musicians.

Cosmic Mural

Fiksate resident artist's new mural for the Cosmic retail store adds colour and a point of differnce to their new store in the BNZ centre Christchurch.

For more information on having a mural painted at your location please get in touch to discuss the process involved.