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Perspective - Women in Urban Art

Opening 5:00pm Friday 6 November

In what has been an undeniably unusual year, Perspective - Women in Urban Art will be Fiksate’s second exhibition of 2020. Perspective will explore the experiences of a group of female urban artists, each traveling distinct paths as women within the wide scope of graffiti and street art, fields traditionally considered predominantly masculine. 

Featuring graffiti writers, street artists, muralists, photographers and videographers, Perspective will shine a light on the work, stories and realities of eighteen women who have made their mark on Aotearoa’s urban art culture. Ranging from emerging to established and spanning a stylistic spectrum, each artist presents a unique backstory filled with diverse experiences, revealing that challenges and success come in many different forms and categorisation is never definitive.    

In addition to the exhibition of works opening at Fiksate on November 6th, Perspective will also include the release of a limited edition zine featuring interviews with the artists. Perspective will seek to add an important and timely chapter to the discussion of urban art in New Zealand, a story where female artists continue to have an important voice. 

Featuring Artists:

Kell Sunshine
Mica Still
Jen Heads
Erika Pearce
Greta Menzies
Gina Keil
Xöe Hall
Mirella Moschella
Cape of Storms
Bexie Lady  

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