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Opening 6:00pm Friday 16 December

It’s been a big year for the Fiksate crew, with various shows, projects, events and even graduations filling our calendars. But with all these things happening, we have not had a group show… ever! So we thought why not now? It’s not like there is much else happening at this time of year! So here we are and welcome to the first ever Fiksate Crew group show!

The crew (we use this term in a non-traditional sense, so no beef please!) is pretty diverse, and we think this is well represented on the gallery walls – from Jen’s large-scale urban cityscapes and iconic heads, to Dr Suits’ ever-expanding series of painted prints that explore line and composition, to Porta’s array of pop-culture and advertising inspired stencils on paper, board and found-objects, and Bols’ abstract explorations of the stencil technique. Each body of work represents the concerns of the maker and suggest ongoing fascinations and new directions.

Holding this small show here, at the gallery/studio might seem a no-brainer, and to be honest it is, but it also represents a significant connection between a shared site of experience, the artists and their work on display. The Fiksate space, I guess we can call it a home away from home, is where many of these ideas are formed and developed, often over beats, beers, jokes and yarns, each crew member offering their two cents’ worth and fostering an environment of inspiration and influence if not outright collaboration.

So roll up, grab a fine Ghost Brewing beer (chur Muz!), check out the work and enjoy the night!