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CAP'D - Paper Trail

Opening 5:30pm Friday 24 February

The Fiksate crew are excited to announce the third incarnation of CAP’D, our collective show of work by graffiti, street and urban contemporary artists. Once again, CAP’D will celebrate graffiti and street art, from artists whose work shifts between streets and galleries, to those proudly and undeniably indebted to the pervasive and pan-cultural influence of these forms.

CAP’D: Paper Trail will investigate works on (or of) paper. Paper is a common starting point for a creative fixation. Much like a blank wall, it is often just ‘there’, accessible and impossible to resist. Paper is also incredibly versatile, and the works in CAP’D: Paper Trail will explore a range of approaches, from high-grade paper to refill pads, drawings in marker pen, to various print-making and painting techniques, from serial prints to original pieces.

Fetured Christchurch artists include; Ekos, Yens, Smeagol, RJ Cat, Apek, Nalc, Marc Catley, Morepork, Rob Kay, Josh Bradshaw, Blake, Daken, Kill, Drows, Bexi, Joel Hart, Power, Dr Suits, Wongi, Bols, Porta, Jen, Ikarus, Yikes.

From around New Zealand we have; Cinzah, D-Side, Component, Sean Duffel, Burga, Mr Sharpe, Milton Springsteen, Finn Wilson, Milarky.

And on the international front we have; Hibagon - Japan, Aleix Gordo Hostau - Spain, Voxx Romana - U.S.A., Becs - U.S.A., Mike Watt - Australia, Angelonce - U.S.A.

So save the date and keep your ears to the ground, CAP’D: Paper Trail is coming…

CAP'D - Paper Trail - Image gallery