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PENER - Urban Abstract

Words by - 8 October 2019
PENER - Urban AbstractPENER - Urban Abstract

Bartek Świątecki’s work mixes abstraction and traditional graffiti. High art and youth culture, modernism and skateboarding. His images are based around geometric groupings and angular forms which reference futuristic architectural design. The apparent slickness of Świątecki’s productions is often at odds with the decayed settings the works are placed in. The visual language used in these pieces gives a glimpse in to a brave new world of graffiti and fine art cross over. It’s a world where graffiti writers are as happy to quote from De Stijl as they are Wu Tang.

As well as painting, Świątecki’s practice includes sculpture and installation. His sculptures are three dimensional workings of the paintings that carve triangular and pyramidal forms into real word space. Similarly, his installations contact together to make helixscapes of networked lines in public settings. In all of this work, outside of the art historical and graffiti elements, there is sense of the mapping of the digital world. Świątecki’s is re-humanising a reality which should exist on a computer monitor. And this is perhaps there greatest paradox. A graffiti writer making landscape paintings from his time in virtual reality. -

Cedar Lewisohn

(Cedar Lewisohn is a writer, artist and curator based in London. He curated the exhibition Street Art at Tate Modern in 2008 and is the author of the book Street Art: The Graffiti Revolution, published in the same year).

PENER Solo Exhibitions:

BALANCE, solo exhibition, The Book Club, London, England, 2016
NOCTURNES, solo exhibition, 886Geary Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015
PLANED FREESTYLE, solo exhibition, Sopa Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia, 2015
COSMOGRAMMA, solo exhibition, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2015
DEKONSTRUKCJA, solo exhibition, Radar gallery, Kraków, Polska, 2012
SIGNAL TO NOIS, solo exhibition, NRD gallery, Toruń, Polska, 2011

GALERIA KOLORU, solo exhibition Rabeko gallery, Warszawa, Polska, 2011

Group Exhibitions:

Note Colors / Hsinchu City Art Gallery / Hsinchu / Taiwan / 2019

L'AVENIR Graffuturism / Mirus Gallery / Denver / USA / 2019

New Order / Streetart Doping Gallery / Centrum Praskie Koneser / Warszawa / Polska / 2018

Le Tems D'un Ete / Art Can Gallery / Marseille / France / 2018

AR/T/HITECTURE / License Art Gallery / Tainan / Taiwan / 2018

BRUCE ZEST PENER / ArtCan-Gallery / Marseille / 2018

WeAreBack / ArtCan-Gallery / Marseille / 2018

Learn & Skate - Street Art Charity Auction / Madrit / Spain / 2018

X Olsztyńskie Biennale Sztuki w / BWA / Olsztyn / 2107

UNKNOWN PLEASURES, Cave Gallery-National Taipei Uniwersity Of Education, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017

ABSTRACT WORLD, group exhibition, La Popartiserie, Galerie, Strasburg, France, 2017

CONNECTING LINES, group exhibition, Creative Debus, London, England, 2017

BOM.K-ZEST-PENER, group exhibition, Galerie Nicolas-Xavier, Montpellier, France, 2017

Inexbrussels, group show in showroom Roche Bobois, Brussels, Belgium, 2016

Team Gliss, group exhibition, Cabinet Rivet-Vigreux, Toulouse, France, 2016

Auction of XXI Century Art, Gallery of Modern Art, Sopot, Polska, 2016

FullMoon ArtVol.2, group show, 18A Gallery, Warszawa, Polska, 2016


IX Art Biennale of Olsztyn City, group show, BWA Gallery, Olsztyn, Polska, 2015

G40 Art Summit, group show, Artwhino Gallery, Washington, USA, 2015

Ten years anniversary of the "Areszt Sztuk Associacion", group exhibition, Amfilada Gallery, Olsztyn, Polska, 2015

1AM REVOLUTION, group exhibition, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015

Graffuturism 5yr, group exhibition, 886Geary Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015

A Major Minority 2015, group exhibition, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015

Polish Urban Art, group exhibition, Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej, Paris -Berlin -Batumi - Lviv -Kyiv -Minsk -Lublin -Stockholm, 2014

Same/Different, group exhibition, TheOutsiders Gallery. Newcastle, England, 2014

ARTURBAIN, Tajan auction house, Paris, France, 2014

CIEŚLAK / SYRUĆ / ŚWIĄTECKI, group exhibition at Kuratorium | galeria | przestrzeń kreatywna, Warszawa, Polska, 2014

Urbstraction, group exhibition, PrettyPortal Gallery, Duseldorf, Germany, 2014

PROPASTUFF, group exhibition, Downstairs at Mother, Londyn, England, 2014

Spring art collection, group exhibition, 1AM gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2014

Major Minority, group exhibition, 1AM gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2014

Ameryka, Wenecja, Ruś, group exhibition of association “Areszt Sztuki”, Olsztyn, Polska, 2014

PL' group show, group exhibition, 44309 gallery, Dortmund, Germany, 2014

Graffuturism, group exhibition, OpenSpace Galery, Paris, France, 2013

Areszt Sztuki vs Front Sztuki, group exhibition, Olsztyn, 2012

Polski Street-art" group exhibition, Auction House Rempex, Warszawa, Polska, 2012

Predators, group exhibition, Lublin, Polska, 2011

Brain Damage gallery no#1, group exhibition, Lublin, Polska, 2011

COME INSIDE, group exhibition, Warszawa, Polska, 2011

Projekt 40/40, group exhibition, Warszawa, Polska, 2011

USTRUKTURALNIENIE, group exhibition, Sopot, Polska, 2011


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