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10 Minutes With Ghostcat

Words by - 9 June 2022
10 Minutes With Ghostcat

Why have you decided to become an artist? Was there a defining moment in your life when you knew you were an artist?

Only recently full-time when I started the Monster Mailman. As a 7-year-old when I made an alien egg out of chicken wire and paper mache, from the movie Alien

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

From my first job at 16 I was a food technician, then stocking shelves at a bottle store called Victoria Wine, then a trainee computer analyst at cap Gemini then worked behind the bar at the Fox and Dogs and dressed up as a character called Ben for kids parties at the Whacky Warehouse. I was a trainee dental caster casting people's teeth in plaster for crowns etc, I worked as a drayman for Carlsberg (all the drivers got offered drinks at every bar and drove pissed….was crazy) I worked for Igrox as a pest technician. 
I worked in admin at a jewelry factory, I trained as a policeman but dropped out of training halfway. I worked for my mates' dad's removal company grange removals moving out mostly council flats, I worked for direct line insurance selling car insurance, I trained as a carpenter joiner and worked as a joiner at Woodcraft Joinery I came to New Zealand and re-trained as an arborist and worked for Transfield. I set up a landscape business called Established Garden Care, which is still up and running then worked for ADT then worked at a rest home in Rangiora and got a job as a props technician at the Court Theatre. 

What are your ideal working conditions?

Just positive, supportive, Kind people…like my homies at Fiksate ….wink

What’s your background? Do you have a formal art education or are you self-taught?

All self-taught baby

How has your work changed over time? Has your skill or ideology changed?

With all the thousands of jobs I’ve done, some have given me the skills to adapt to different styles of art.

Where do you find inspiration?

In other people's work and my surroundings.

What do you think are your strongest abilities contributing to the success of your work?

The ability to connect to people's love of what means something to them. Plus people love small shit.

Do you do a lot of research or dive straight into a new painting?

My research comes from my ability to see what has or used to have real character or has an unusual aesthetic quality to it. Or I just point at something and go “that one”

What artists do you admire?

Jesse Rawcliffe,  Jacob Yikes, Joshua Smith, Nick Lowry.

Tell us about an exciting project you have recently completed?

I’ve just made the haunted teacup for Reubens mini-festival, it’s the first thing I’ve ever made with moving parts.

What do you look for in a rubbish bin to Scratch-build?

A bin with real character if there is such a thing lol. It needs to have a level of grime with the layers of graffiti, wear and tear, cos let’s face it, who wants to look at a clean bin.

What is your average build time from start to finish?

It takes a week plus to make a prototype. This consists of taking pictures of the bin and scaling it down. Using these reference pictures to help get all the details like the shape, the colour, and weathering, plus all the gnarly tags on it as well. I’ll then start drawing up all the bits to see how it will all come together. There’s a lot of trial and error in this process but it’s definitely worth all the effort to see it come to life. Then it takes between two to three weeks to make a run of ten

How do you choose which materials to use for a scratch build?

For every scratch build, I try and improve on the last from its realism to improving materials and techniques. Trial and error on the prototypes always gives you new and improved ways to select the best materials.

 Can you tell us about any exciting projects on the horizon?

Ghosts on Every Corner is the book me fiksate and Reuben are working on to pay homage to some of Christchurch’s iconic places that used to exist in the city.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our followers?

Feel free to get involved with the book in regards to places of interest or any potential stories you may have.

Tea / Coffee

Oat milk flat white

Spray can / paint brush

Mini spray can

Out for dinner / out for brunch

Can I say both?

A movie at the cinema / a movie on the couch


Night on the town / a BBQ at a friends

I have no friends so I’ll pick the first one

Fish n chips / pizza


Jeans / Tracksuit

Jean Shorts

Abstract / realism

Realistic Abstract

Minimalist / maximalist

To The MAX

Day at the Museum / Day at the Mall

Day with the Fam

Online / instore